Retire TAXINVISIBLE® a publication of Bueter Research founded by Rick Bueter.

Rick Bueter, CEO and Founder of Bueter Research is a best selling author, economist and researcher. His first book published in 2010 titled The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam, was inspired after examining the short comings of Government sponsored 401ks and IRA accounts.

The book unveils the collusion between Wall Street firms and the influence they have over America’s retirement system and retirement tax laws. Since it was published, there have been hundreds of lawsuits filed against 401k plans and their sponsors. Some of the largest most well known investment companies have been named.

Rick’s next book titled Build Your Bunker was published in 2016. In this forward thinking publication, he unveiled the vulnerabilities in the financial markets and informed readers on how to prepare for the next financial crisis. It wasn’t long until that crisis hit. The pandemic of 2020 occurred and the stock market saw another historic decline. Those who followed the advice were made ready to take advantage of the opportunities.

In 2017, Rick saw the writing on the wall with regard to America’s debt crisis and published TAXINVISIBLE. With the lowest tax rates since the inception of income taxes and massive unrestrained spending by the Government, taxes would have to eventually go up.

From his research into the American retirement system, it was clear that traditional financial planning advice puts Americans life savings into financial accounts sponsored and controlled by the Government. At any time the Government can and will change the rules to meet their needs. History has shown this to be true. This is the problem.

Today, Rick Bueter is sounding the alarm.

Government debt is at levels that demand higher taxes, or lower spending. History shows spending never goes down and taxes only go up.

A massive tax tsunami coming. Americans who are unprepared will experience more taxes than they ever imagined. It’s not just taxes, it’s the confiscation of their freedom they will lose through their money.

Retire TAXINVISIBLE® is the answer.

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